Welcome to the Agency. Though it’s only been in Orlando for a short amount of time, the organization is part of something much greater. It’s been known by many names and no one knows how far back the actual origins go. Our oldest records date back to the Bronze Age. The Agency has had a part in almost every major event in the long history of Human civilization.


Its main goal is to observe, study, and chronicle the mysteries that are not easily explainable to man. Once an object is found, the ancient organization will determine if an artifact is dangerous. Afterwards an agent will take note of the location and will be assigned to keep watch. If a monitored site is compromised, a team will be dispatched to investigate and recover the relic.


The Orlando office is responsible for finding recruits that will be assigned to low priority missions. If the missions are deemed successful, the Agency may award the Orlando location more complex assignments. If you believe you are worthy, then feel free to take on a mission.