Corporate Team Building and Large Private Parties

Anonymous Games welcomes groups larger that 8 people for specially designed team building activities as well as groups celebrating special events such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc. Our space can accommodate multiple rooms running together, and we offer a recreational room to rest between missions. We split up large groups into smaller teams, enabling people to be more engaged and have a significant role in the mission. The benefits of these activities are especially pronounced in co-workers, translating their experience at Anonymous Games to a more productive and efficient workplace. Start times can be customized to the party’s preference.

Get to Know Your Workers

Our Escape Rooms are designed for people to work together. Agents will solve puzzles and challenges, creating a bond during the mission that will be maintained even after the activity is complete. Players will get to know each other and will learn to efficiently manage their time and responsibilities in a natural manner. Following completion of the mission, teams often discuss puzzles and clues, reinforcing their bonds. Mission analysis allows people to recognize their strengths and weaknesses. Upon request, we can provide a player by player analysis, showing how they score in categories such as Efficiency, Creativity, Problem Solving, and Logic.
Get to Know Your Workers

Great Tool for Educating Teens

Utilize Anonymous Games as a learning tool for young agents. Escape rooms are a unique experience. The immersive environment serves to capture the visitor’s imagination, while the puzzles are a great way to challenge the mind. Like any hands-on educational experience, the aspect of having fun while learning is a helpful way to retain any skills gained. On top of the mental challenge, the team building skills required to complete the rooms are a perfect complement to make Escape Rooms a fully fledged learning tool.
Get to Know Your Workers
If you would like to make a booking for groups over 8 people, then we can help! We can offer many option, depending on your groups size and the type of experience you’d like to have. For more information just give us a call or shoot us an email.

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