Greetings Agents, your mission today will take you to England. Legends tell of a rabbit hole that is in fact a portal to another world. This “Wonderland” as it has become known, is filled with magical artifacts and devices that have been deemed dangerous by the Association. Our sources have located this magical rabbit hole on a property belonging to the Liddell family. Upon further examination we have discovered that a mysterious criminal, known only by the name of the Game Master, has infiltrated Wonderland and has stolen a powerful item.

Your job is to gather a team and follow the Game Master’s trail. Our sources say he is obsessed with riddles and puzzles and enjoys playing games, albeit deadly ones, with his pursuers. Once you pass through the rabbit hole you will have 60 minutes to work through his riddles and find his next target. After your time runs out, the portal will close, and you will be stuck in Wonderland forever.


8 player(s)
60 minutes

Episode 1: Down the Rabbit Hole